Brian’s Testimonial

After serving 12 years of my 23-year sentence I was released on parole this past July. From the moment of my release, I was hit with every emotion there is: excitement, fear, stress, joy, and lots of gratitude. I had no ID, no social security card, no birth certificate, and my money from my inmate accounts was a week away from arriving

Why did I not know about this?

While sitting in the waiting room for my counseling appointment, I came across a newsletter for a program called REshape. I said out loud to myself, “why didn’t I know about this when I was released and wandering around trying to get my documents and other things?” I was fortunate enough to find a job before meeting with REshape, however I still know I have a long way in my journey.

I can’t thank the staff at Reshape enough for the emotional support, advice, and information they have given, and continue to give to me.  To all those getting ready to be released, or if you just got out and are struggling, you don’t have to do it by yourself. Reach out to Reshape and they will help you be the success that you deserve to be.

– Brian W

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