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Established in October of 2021, REshape Minds was created when a determined team sought to reimagine what life could look like for folks coming out of incarceration. We aim to reshape minds, reshape lives, reshape the system through care management, advocacy, and community outreach. Our care managers work with their clients to build an individualized service plan and connect them to necessary resources including: employment seeking, housing placement, filing applications for Medicare/Medicaid, etc. 



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The overview for REshape is to provide care management and resource coordination to previously incarcerated individuals to integrate them into society.

After Jamie [Executive Director] experienced a different kind of loss when her brother was sentenced to life in prison without parole, she searched for answers about the many questions she had regarding people, the criminal justice system, and her purpose. Jamie went back to school to understand the way people think. It was then that she learned about the gaps within the system. After research, collaboration, multiple discussions, and determination; REshape was established.

“REshape” will discuss the need for assistance for incarcerated individuals to integrate into society. This organization will focus on the rehabilitation needed in order to reduce recidivism rates for the individuals who are being released from incarceration. It is important to acknowledge the hardships that previously incarcerated individuals face when coming out of an institution and reintroduced to a world that could potentially trigger a culture shock. Throughout this proposal, the history of incarceration, mental health, addiction, and many more barriers will be addressed.

The reduction of recidivism rates is important because of the amount of money that taxpayers pay for incarceration and institutional costs. The prison populations have increased by 700 percent since the 1970s in the United States (Delany, R., Henrichson, C.; 2012). With these numbers amplifying, the cost is simultaneously rising as well. If we were able to find a way to reintegrate incarcerated individuals back into society then we would reduce these costs while also offering people a second chance.

It is important to identify and question a process that is supposed to be ethical and just. It is also important to realize when this program may not be what it was intended to be. There are multiple issues in the prison system as well as the justice system. Identify the problem, research the disparities, and then create a plan to make a change; this is how REshape was founded.

REshape is established with this intent to change the social stigma of incarcerated individuals and amplify the need of rehabilitation and reintegration instead of incarceration. The idea is to “reshape” the mindset of society and encourage acceptance and guidance instead of rejection and judgement.   






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REshape is designed to assist previously incarcerated individuals to successfully integrate into society. This organization will offer care management and resource coordination for said individuals. The program will be voluntary due to the fact that it is imperative for people to have a choice when it comes to empowerment and rehabilitation. REshape is different because it offers hands-on resource coordination and assists with many obstacles that previously incarcerated individuals face. REshape was created to reshape the minds of society regarding incarceration and incarcerated individuals by offering a second chance. 


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